Meet the Manager – Tommy

Hello!  Welcome to our second installment of Meet the Manager, a segment dedicated to unlocking the personality of our community managers and opening the gates to […]

Meet the Manager – Charles

I’d like to introduce you all to a brand new segment I will be writing here on Validus’ News & Blogs section of the website. Through […]

Aporia: An odd Puzzle Game

A Ever since the success of the very unique puzzle game The Talos Principle, there have been many games released that have sought to redefine the […]

Have Microtransactions Become Too Major in Video Games Today?

When I was a young child, I always invested a large amount of my spare time into playing video games. Mario? Yep. Pokemon? Hell yea. Sonic? […]

Validus.PS4 Siege Wins Amateur Gamers Tournamenet

Thank you everyone that supported our PS4 team entering and winning its first tournament! We could not have accomplished this without all the individuals on the […]

CrossCode: A Shining Example of Dedication and Passion

Recently, on September 20th, 2018, the indie game “CrossCode” was fully released on Steam. This release follows what seemed like an eternity of beta development, with […]

Black Ops 4 Beta Review

I have recently played the Black Ops 4 beta on PC and i am pleasantly surprised with it especially coming from someone who has absolutely hated […]

Dan ‘Falcon’ Falcone’s Blog #2

HearthBlog #02 Losing streaks on the ladder aren’t fun. Actually, they can be downright demoralising. I felt like it was very good progress this month, hitting […]