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Thu 9th Oct 2014 - 12:27pm General Gaming


Team Validus today branch further into the depths of MOBA gaming by acquiring a League of Legends team.  LoL is without a doubt the most popular game that eSports has ever seen.  Ranking #1 on Twitch for views for well over a year, the game is adored worldwide and the prizepool's are to die for.

The 5 man lineup are incredibley proactive, spending time practicing new tactics and perfecting existing strategies.  Having been a core lineup for nearly 3 years the team play and communication quality within the team is out standing.

 Jakob 'Cake' Andersson, Ad-carry
 Marcus 'Hey im katt' Andersson, Jungle
 Jacob 'Paws' Svande, Midlane
 Oscar 'Teeqoo' Gradin, Support
 Robert 'Benji' Norlin, Toplane

Today I managed to grab Jakob, the team captain and carry player within the team for a quick chat.


For the people out there who aren’t fully aware of who you are and where you come from can you give us a brief introduction?

Hi there, my name is Jakob and I am the team-leader and manager at the moment of the League of Legends team. I am 16 years old and I come from Sweden, currently living in Örnsköldsvik, but i'm originated from Sollefteå.

Your team has recently joined the ranks at Team Validus, what was it about Validus you liked and how has it been so far?

I have been a long time friend of Andrew and I always knew he was a guy I can trust when it comes to organisation work and what he can provide for a team, so far so good within the ranks of Validus!

Who are your team mates and what roles do they play within the team?

My teammates are a mix of in real life friends. We have Robert Norlin, my old classmate, a good soccer player and a really fun guy. He's camping up in the toplane doing all the work in silence and when he shows up in fights, man does he show up! After that, another Jacob, Jacob Svande is another old classmate and a longtime friend. I've known him for ages and spent a lot of time with this kid. He's doing some crazy plays in the middlelane and always makes some funny stuff that makes us happy in the sad times. After Jacob we have Oscar. Oscar Gradin is another old classmate of mine, and he's actually living with me in Örnsköldsvik, tho in another apartment, it happens that we have some gaming nights, he's the support of the team, that always manage to land some crazy ass hooks, do some dumb play or something that you don't expect from him in the moments you really need him to do it! We also have Marcus. Marcus Andersson is our manager and standin. He's my brother and our other veteran. He manage the team, he watches our replays and he takes care of us!

What’re your ambitions for the team? Do you have like a short term plan or have you got everything worked out?

 Our ambitions with this team is to work out a long time friendship but along that road, accomplish the goals of becoming a top contester in Challenger within the spring hopefully, and by the next year a contender for the LCS seeing we think a long time plan is better to aim for. We also are looking to attend some LANs here in Sweden to work out some LAN fear and compete at a decent level. And in 2 weeks time we're having a bootcamp, which you can follow on our live-stream, link will be posted shortly.

Is there a team or player out there that you base your play style on and how do they influence how you play?

 I have always looked up to the Swedish star Rekkles. He's the main reason why I want to go pro and the reason why I continue to practice. He's the guy that I try to train after and sometime hope to compete against!

What role do you play within the team and why have you chosen this particular role?

My role within the team is the Leader that organises the practice scrims and setups some of the tournaments we're playing in. I am also the Ad-carry and why I have chosen that role, is actually because I have always played that role somehow and I always like the meta that's changing making the game a lot funnier. Also making some crazy ass plays on some cool ad-carry is always good for you soul, hehe

LoL is without a doubt the largest game in eSports right now. Why did you choose this particular MOBA over other titles such as DotA2 and HoN?

I came across League of Legends after playing the DotA mod for warcraft 3 back in 2009, I actually felt that League was funnier because it was simpler but somewhat more reliant on good strategies together. I've tried DotA2 a lot of times but I never really got attached to it and sooner or later always quit after 1-2 weeks of playing the game.

When you aren’t practising and playing LoL, do you casually play any other games?

When i'm not practising LoL i'm usually spending time at the Gym or just hanging out with friends. I also casually play Euro Truck Simulator and sometimes Counter Strike Global Offensive. It's a fun game but I can't play it for too long, I always tend to lose haha.

Is there a stream viewers can catch you and the rest of the Validus lineup on?

There is actually a stream that you guys can catch up on us. It's the stream is in my point of view but later you might be able to catch us in the eyes of the support!


I hope you guys will follow us on the stream and like what we do. I want to thank Andrew and Validus for this opportunity and I hope we won't disappoint you!!




Kyle Smith

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