Validus pick up LoL team!

Thu 20th Nov 2014 - 1:38pm General Gaming

We can officially reveal that the team formerly known as AAT will be representing Validus in online and offline tournaments!

The Romanian lineup recently came 2nd at LSE Lan Party v10 in Romania and plan on attending many more LAN events and pushing for that elusive top spot!

Daniel "Dekazzy" Bolocan - Diamond 2 - Midlaner

Filip "FhN" Horatiu - Master EUNE - Jungle

Laurentiu "Coatpustmain" Zidaru - Diamond 1 EUNE - Toplaner

Octav "ang" Cretu - Diamond 1 EUW - Support

Mihai "Derethic" Iacob - Master EUW - ADC

We managed to steal some time from team captain and ingame leader Octav "ang" Cretu and ask him some questions about his team and their aspirations.
smiffy - Hi ang, for the readers out there who don't follow the scene, can you tell us a little about your team? 
ang - We've all known each other for quite some time, CoatPustMain always wanted to play in a team with me because I am probably the keenest romanian player there could be and finally we had the possibility to make a team together.  Me and Derethic've been playing DuoQueue for over 7 months on EUW and being almost unbeatable on botlane due to our great synergy.  Dekazzy is a classmate of Derethic so they pretty much know each other irl and there's also a good synergy.
We had to drop vlaDie from our line-up due to real-life commitments and I had to change my role from Jungle to Support and brought in the team my old teammate from Balkan Bears, FhN whom last year was playing only SoloQueue due to the fact that he had no interest in playing with a team. After finding out I was looking for a jungle he immediately contacted me on skype to pick him up. And after a few tryout games he clicked with our playstyle.

We are pretty much the keenest team in Romania due to the fact that almost every weekend we're bootcamping at my gaming office, and when we're not playing 5vs5's rankeds we are DuoQing.


smiffy - What're you goals for your team? Do you have short term and long term targets and what was it that Validus offers that attracted you them?

ang - After signing up FhN we knew that we shouldn`t waste any time so yesterday we made a list together with our objectives. In 2 months TOPS we have to be the #1/#2 Romanian team (the scene is pretty good btw), and also get to Diamond 1 / Master in 5vs5 Ranked Teams. After those 2 months we will set new objectives, and frankly I`m quite sure we will get better and better because we are working hard and we want this to work. Valdius is based on the ex-Element organisation which I enjoyed being in and so I decided to partner up with them so that we grow up together.


smiffy - They're some impressive targets, how do intend on reaching them? Can we expect to see you challenging at LANs anytime soon?

ang - Due to being able to bootcamp with no cost and having a free gaming house and due to being able to play everyday I`m quite sure every goal that we set will be reached. We will visit every LAN Romania has to offer. We managed to get 2nd place at the last romanian lan aswell.


smiffy - LoL is without a doubt the largest game in eSports right now. Why did you choose this particular MOBA over other titles such as DotA2 and HoN?

ang - To be honest, whenever I get bored of LoL i hop into a game off DoTA2 just because I enjoy both games and I find them pretty different. HoN is pretty much a dead game and to be honest if the game wouldn`t have been dead I would've chosen HoN over LoL and DoTA2 everyday due to many factors. But it got bad eventually once the OP heroes came up. I like DotA2 very much but unless u played DotA/HoN semi-serious/competitve I don`t think there's much you can do to get into the scene. 


The team stream live daily on Twitch and make sure you follow ang on Facebook!




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