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fnatic the heavy favourites for the title were handed an extremely generous rotation of the maps in the grand final. Beginning with Dust2, then playing Mirage, Infeno and then onto Nuke.  fnatic are known to be methodical, lethal and perhaps even unbeatable on Inferno and Mirage so iBUYPOWER needed to win Nuke to take the game onto Nuke where then, the game is anyones. And thats exactly what they did.


fnatic won the knife round and chose to begin the game on the favoured Terrorist side, quickly racing into a 3-0 lead after winning the pistol and the 2 consecutive eco bash rounds.  But, as soon as Skadoodle picked up an AWP, iBP never looked week. Skadoodle dominated mid and helped out both bomb sites, rarely missing a shot. iBP rallied and raced into halftime leading 9-6.


Next up was Mirage, a map which iBP are notoriously uncomfortable on and it showed, fnatic raced into a 4-0 lead before being taken down by an incredible ace by Steel of iBP.  Unfazed, fnatic continue with the pressure and only dropped a further 2 rounds winning the half 12-3. iBP needed to win the pistol round and force some kind of momentum on the stronger CT half. They did win the pistol round thanks to AZK winning a 1v3 clutch and then decided to play hyper-aggressive with a doube awp set up but after fnatic rallied and managed to get a some money behind them they won 4 rounds in a row to close it out 16-8 leaving the game tied up at 1 map each.


Inferno was the 3rd map to be played, fnatic's home map.  iBP won the pistol round on the more difficult side of Terrorists but didn't manage to keep the momentum as fnatic won the 2nd round with a pistol armour buy and never looked back as they won the opening half 11-4. iBP actually played very well on their CT half, playing very passive and holding their angles. fnatic, like they did on Mirage, took some time to think about what iBP were doing and how to counter them and counter them they did winning the map 16-8.


If fnatic were to beat iBP on Nuke, the title would be theirs aswell as the larger slice of the 50k pie! There was no clear favourite as to who would win Nuke, both have had mixed results recently playing the map but it was fnatic who would begin on the heavily favoured CT half.  The Swedish giants ran rampant to begin with as they raced ahead 10-0. iBP only managed to take 2 rounds of the favourites, who were doing nothing special other than holding angles and communicating well. Unbelievably iBP won 12 rounds in the second half with the map finishing 16-14 in favour of fnatic who walked away with a 20k cheque.




Kyle Smith

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