Face It LAN Finals in Milan!

Sun 26th Oct 2014 - 9:53am General Gaming

Face It have been running an online tournament which has a massive prize pool of $50'000!


The online qualifiers began on September 3rd and ran for 6 weeks, streaming a minimum of 14 games live over 2 days every week!  The games were blighted with all sorts of problems, majorly caused by fans who DDOS'd players and servers.  Many viewers blame bets on CSGO Lounge as the main reason behind the DDOS'd games but games have always struggle with this problem.



After the 6 weeks, this is how the table looked.  With fnatic the clear winners in the groups only being defeated by NiP and Virtus Pro, they go into LAN as favourites, followed closely by LDLC. 



iBuyPower came in close second, going 4-1 after ending with an intense triple overtime match against Denial Esports which ended up with iBuyPower winning 31-27.



The group games where played in the BO1 format, with overtime deciding the winner.  fnatic and LDLC ran away in the groups with a complete whitewash and both grabbed the 4 victories, showing us why they are both the top 2 teams not only at this LAN but currently in the world. Onto the playoffs where Cloud9 meet Virtus Pro and Dignitas play iBP, the winners will make their way into the semi-finals!



iBP convincingly swept dignitas aside, needing only 4 rounds on the second map to progress into the semi-finals whereas Cloud9 beat Virtus Pro in the first map 16-11, meaning the only need 12 rounds in the second map to progress. However, a masterclass performance from the veterans in Virtus Pro delivered a devatstating blow to Cloud9, brushing them aside with a 16-6 victory which sent the Poles through!


The semi finals adopted the BO3 format and the 4 powerhouses went at it.  


iBUYPOWER had the harder task of reaching the final in having to play LDLC. The first map to be played was dust2, with this map coming down to the wire, iBP raced into an early lead claiming the first half 12-3! Just like their reputation, the French resisted and put up one hell of a fight and the map finished 31-27 in the Americans favour.  Much like the first map, iBP  strung together a lot of rounds and raced ahead with an 11-4 lead at the half, which was followed by LDLC doing the same but iBP held strong and went on to win 16-12 which makes iBP the first US team to appear in a European CSGO LAN final!

After winning the first half 14-1 on Inferno, fnatic looked certain to win the first map, Virtus Pro rallied and took control as fnatic took their foot of the gas and managed to string together 7 consecutive rounds before fnatic won 2 in a row, claiming the map win 16-8.  Up next was Mirage, the favourite map for the Polish team who many in the scene regard VP the best at Mirage. However Fnatic raced away with a 10-5 lead after the first half and they didnt let up finally winning 16-7.


The final will be streamed live from 12 GMT.  You can watch live on Twitch and Youtube! 


If you're at the event we'd love to see your pictures and videos! Send them to



Kyle Smith

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