Samsung White win 2014 World Championship

Mon 20th Oct 2014 - 1:46pm General Gaming

With the stage set at Sangam Stadium, Seoul infront of 40'000 live fans Samsung White convincingly defeat Star Horn Royal Club condemning them to back to back runners-up trophies! The game was watched online by just short of 1million unique viewers!!


The tournament saw many incredible plays by the best players in the world, however 1 player stood out head and shoulders above everyone else to be named the players MVP. Mata of Samsung White!  Mata is the sole support, shot caller and master stragetist he still managed to finish with an impression 10.4 KDA for the overall tournament.



For anyone wanting backwards and forwards action, Game 1 was far from that. A tactial masterclass from Samsung White. It began with a level 1 fight that could have gone either way and the mid game was won by some fantastic snipes from Pawn which finished off fleeing players resulting in tower kills. 



Star Horn came out much more composed in Game 2, in turn they were the much more dominant team early game. However, some sloppy plays by Star Horn were taken advantage of and Samsung White's snowball gathered pace. 



The 3rd game began much like the 2nd with Star Horn look the more comfortable early on, securing the better farm and early hero kills.  Star Horn picked the better fights and initiated well throughout and Uzi came out of his slumber and came up huge in all the team fights. Easy for Star Horn.



With Star Horn arguabley being better in game 2 and then winning game 3, it looked like the tournament was going to go to a 5th game.  Unfortunately it didn't and Samsung White came out all guns ablazing and just like in game 1, showed how brilliant they really are.  With the game going ever so further out of their hands, Star Horn made some risky plays and perhaps dived further than they should giving Samsung an ever increasing lead and then worked as a team and gave Star Horn nothing. GG WP







Kyle Smith

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  • TheKevlar said:

    The opening was amazing!


    It's on our video's at the bottom of the home page for those who didn't see it!




  • The opening was amazing!

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