2 weeks until the eSports World Cup!

Tue 14th Oct 2014 - 12:10pm Gaming

The eSports World Cup is always a fan favourite, with online national qualifiers resulting in a World Final gathering at the end and in which, one team will be crowned the World Cup Winners! Having been held in France for all but 1 of the years it's been running players and fan's alike have grown acucstomed to the hospititality of the French and their insane ability to put on one hell of a LAN. With 1000's of hours of TV content broadcast and over £2million worth of prize money been paid out, this is the event players are always looking forward too!



7 massive titles will be in contest over 5 days, so book a holiday from work, find a babysitter for your baby or tell your partner you're on business trip because you aren't going to want to miss a minute! They've covered every genre of game for everyones excitement with the likes of CS:GO and the latest Call of Duty title on show for the die hard FPS buffs. FIFA 2015 and Just Dance for the sportier people amonst us and even TrackMania2 Stadium for the racing fans.


What sets this apart from many other tournaments in eSports is that this truly is a World Cup.  Teams from every corner of the world will be here to compete for number 1. Each team with a different and rarely seen playstyle, teams from Europe wont get the chance to play Brazilians every day of the week.  Teams from the USA, India, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Japan, South Africa and Algeria have all confirmed they will be there! 



Kyle Smith

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