Dreamhack Winter 2014

Mon 6th Oct 2014 - 4:14pm Gaming

After weeks and weeks of speculation the community finally found out that Dreamhack winter would be hosting the next CS:GO major with a whopping prize pool of $250'000!

Having already announced prize pools for the likes of the Starcraft:HotS and League of Legends tournaments, the community were left biting their nails in anticipation.  With the last major only being 3 months ago and bringing in over 4 million unique viewers and over 400'000 viewers for the final, Dreamhack has a lot to live upto. Can they go one step further?

You bet they can! They've invited the top 8 placed teams to come early to Stockholm where they have already sorted accomodation and enough space for each team to bootcamp before the event, leaving plenty of time for the teams to get final touches in place.  

Will the matches be as good as they were at Cologne? 'course they are! With new lineups and teams performing differently there are bound to be a fair few upsets at Dreamhack.  NiP are underperforming and are far from their consistent former selves, Pasha's just had a child so what's going to happen with Virtus Pro and all the French teams are beating everyone!  The recent Dreamhack Stockholm had upsets from the word go with local favourites Fnatic and NiP going out early! 





Virtus Pro






The above 8 teams have been invited to the event which begins with the group stages on November 27th.  We'll have our very own Henrik Rosenborg live from Jönköping so make sure you follow our Twitter, Facebook and website for interviews, pictures and updates throughout Dreamhack!




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