ESWC CSGO Group Overview

Fri 31st Oct 2014 - 11:45pm Gaming General


These are the final standings from the end of the group stages of the ESWC.  

The big surprise and major upset is that fan favourite and former ESWC champions NiP going out in the group stages after only picking up 2 wins! It's no secret that they've struggled since picking up victory at ESL One but they took time out of tournaments to work on putting together new strategies and reworking existing ones. 

Group B was the one group which divided opinion as to which teams would top the group and go through to the play offs. Cloud9 managed to pick up the win against Virtus Pro which made everyone think that it would be Cloud9 and LDLC going through, however due to the round difference it was Virtus Pro going through sending Cloud9 home.


Now we go into the play offs on day 3 of the ESWC live from 9.00 GMT, watch live on twitch!




Kyle Smith

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