Sony annouce the PS4 eSports league!

Sat 18th Oct 2014 - 7:18pm Gaming

Sony has recently kicked off there Playstation4 eSports league over in Spain! Season 1 began on October 16th and will run through until January the 11th 2015.


With the already apparent success of the league and the widespread praise it has received, the league will shortly be expanding into Portugal and then Italy, with the rest of Europe on the cards.  This has pleased the PlayStation fan-base as Sony hasn’t invested any money or time into PlayStation Online in a long time.  The eSports league will only be initially available to those who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus, which lets players keep track of all achievement points they have earned in various titles.


The league will begin with tournaments for Battlefield4, FIFA 15, Call of Duty Ghosts and War Thunder, with plans to add further titles such as NBA 2k15, Battlefield: Hardline and Drive Club in the near future.


Nothing with the league is set in stone and Sony seem to be making  little changes constantly.  Initially no comment was made on whether Sony would be adding a prize pool to leagues but finally they have given away a little snippet of information!


- Best player of the season will get one year of PS Plus + 1.000 euro’s to spend on the PS Store
- Prizes for season's 10 best players. Second gets 500 euro + year of PS Plus.
- Additional prizes for teams and best players on specific games.
- Game-specific prize example: you are the best Battlefield 4 player season one, you get Battlefield: Hardline for free (or maybe additional DLC, etc).
- Info specific to this first League (Spanish), may vary on upcoming Leagues (Portugal, Italy, etc).
- Prizes could be complemented with additional stuff or money, depending on League's sponsors and partners.


Adding this prize pool will surely help the league achieve its fullest potential




Kyle Smith

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