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Sun 16th Nov 2014 - 10:19pm Gaming General
HearthBlog #02

Losing streaks on the ladder aren’t fun. Actually, they can be downright demoralising. I felt like it was very good progress this month, hitting rank 3 with still half of the month to go! Well that way. That was a day ago, now I’m rank 7 again. Oops. I know a lot of people stick to one deck when they ladder. I don’t know if it’s a bad habit or a good habit, but I always chop and change. If I lose two games in a row, I almost always switch to a different deck.

I have played every deck in hearthstone almost equally. Sometimes I think it’s a blessing, as I have a good knowledge of how to play every deck, and I’m over half way to golden hero with every class, with warlock and hunter already sorted because of the faster style of play.

So I decided to take a Druid deck, one that has achieved high legend this season, and play that. Even if I lose, I decided I’d continue playing it until I get good at it, but I don’t know if I can keep that up. I’ve played 5 games, and only won two of them, and while I realise that if I keep trying I could probably hit legend with this deck, part of me just wants to switch hunter and get there much quicker.

It’s a battle of trying to work out what I want. Does it actually matter if I hit legend again? I don’t get anything out of it, but like most I want the accomplishment. I also want more views in twitch, and I feel like being legend rank would give me a boost. But there’s the other thing, nobody wants to see someone playing hunter.



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  • I thought dynamic articles ceased working here so whats with this whole news thread of it being operative here???? rush my essay I think you might have either have the wrong information here or you are just unaware of the matter here !

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