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Sun 16th Nov 2014 - 10:11pm Gaming
Starting my Hearthblog!

Hey all. I’ve decided to start blogging about Hearthstone, features of the game and also my experiences playing the game.

I believe that hearthstone is fun, friendly and accessible to everyone. I used to play yugioh but since it was in closed Beta I have been playing hearthstone every single day. I also live-stream it every day. Expect at least three blog posts a week. If you enjoy reading, please support me by following, liking my posts and also reblogging, and make sure you come follow me on twitch so we can hang out.


HearthBlog #01

So I entered the Zotac cup tournament today for the first time, after recently finding out that it’s been running every week since before launch, and the prize is €100. That’s crazy!

So I entered as one in over 600 people, and was eliminated as one in 30. Not bad for a first attempt I’d say. Still, things about the tournament bugged me. I realise now why in the big tournament they allow for you to ‘ban’ a class, as every time a hunter or zoo appeared (and I’d like to add, I only actually lost to hunters and zoos) I rolled my eyes in despair. The ability to ban hunter would have potentially gotten me further. Still though, I had a lot of fun and will definitely be entering again. That great feeling that is common in constructed games (using alexstraza on myself against a hunter when I only had two health, and working out that with the field I already had, if I throw down two flame tongue totems, use doomhammer and rockbiter weapon I have exactly the 26 damage I need for lethal) was heightened in the tense tournament environment. While a lot of the time, during the climb to legend, I often end up using a fast deck, to clinb the ladder quickly, that sense of urgency was not present in the tournament. I could use whatever deck I wanted, slow or fast, and have just as much a chance at doing well. I loved that.

Needless to say I’m going to be entering tournaments more, and my new friends at team Validus will appreciate me representing them, especially if I win next time as planned!

Oh, one last thing. Goblins vs gnomes, should probably talk about this a little. I love it. Could not be more hyped. I will be opening 100 packs on stream on the day it comes out for sure. I can’t go into all of the already announced cards as I’d be here all day, but colour me excited.



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