The Validus Empire Strikes Back!!

Wed 12th Nov 2014 - 12:00pm Gaming

Seriously though if you've not experienced the fear that over comes you when you realise youve been stalked by a Creeper then you mustn't be afraid of anything!

I am of course talking about Minecraft.

I've recently gotten sucked back into the game and so thought I'd share my love with you guys! how nice am I?!

My love for Minecraft started way back in alpha when this dude called Notch created this nifty little sandbox game that let you build yourself a house and mine for precious items such as gold and diamonds! 

Initially I was very sceptical my partner Dan actually started playing it way before me I saw him playing and thought eurgh wtf is that! but I gave it a shot and found my self digging a hole for the next four hours collecting precious items and building myself a fort!

Eventually we decided we would get our own server which was used quite often by up to 8 or 9 of our friends. Eventually we opened it out to the public made a little website and found members of the public playing and even donating to help the server stay up and even get an upgrade!

Fast forward and more recently Validus has went into the Minecraft realms and have started to build our own little virtual empire!

The original creator of Minecraft is Markus Persson aka "Notch" a swedish games programmer and designer who is a pretty smart dude I mean hes even a member of the swedish Mensa! He also has a love for house music and creates music of the electronica genre. He's a really cool dude and although its two year old if you get the chance you should read his AMA on Reddit hes a good guy who had a vision for a cool game that he never really intended to blast through the stratosphere the way it did but he remains ever so humble which is always nioce to see!

If you've been living on Mars for the past three years your probably thinking what on Earth is Minecraft? well I had quite a bit of difficulty finding a way to discuss and describe it with referring to Legos i mean it is like endless Lego! so i decided to search on the interwebs to see how people describe it to thier friends and one of the funniest answers i found was on a game forum where a user asked "How would you describe Minecraft to friends in ten words or less?" the best answer?

"I would describe it as a (starting here) Treepunchingpigkillingcowmilking coalburningexplosivemaking glassbreakingsanddiggingarrowshooting swordswingingarmormakingminecartriding waterjumpinglavafalling wolftamingsheepshearingdoorflinging bedsleepingpumpkinlightingstairclimbing mushroomfarmingflowerplantingcakeeating
skeletonkillingladdergrabbing game."- andy12handy 

Clearly this kid loves the game!

One of the other attractions to the game I guess is the ability to build anything anywhere and I over the years have seen some incredible creations I mean someone even created Westeros for Game of Thrones! I've never managed anything that impressive myself but its true some of the buildi people do are incredible! some of my favourites have been Hogwarts, Westeros and even Stormwind!

So if you feel like punching some holes in the ground and building a fort of your very own catch aither myself(Sammie), TheKevlar or Smithy on Teampseak to be added to the realm and help build The Empire Of Validus!



Sammie Gorman

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