Halloween Horror Fun!!

Wed 29th Oct 2014 - 8:04pm Gaming

So its almost Halloween and on Friday evening I’ll be doing a 3 hour scary stream on Twitch TV.

In the run up to doing this stream I thought I’d look at the horror genre of games.

Lets look at the origin of the genre. Some of the earliest horror games were released in the early 1980’s the earliest game associated with the horror genre was Atari’s “Haunted House” the game emphasized on puzzle solving and the evasion of action rather than violence. It also incorporated item collection and inventory management. The monsters were the classic ghosts, bats and skeletons. you were also expected to collect items such as keys to advance through the game and unlock special areas. All of these features have been carried forward in almost all of the present games under that genre.

Some other great horrors from the 80’s included Bandai’s “Terror House” which was based on traditional Japanese horror, and Segas “Monster Bash” and its 1986 remake “Ghost House”.  

As time went on gaming evolved and has become more engaging with intricate story lines and better graphics that hold not only the suspense but give the player that extra level of horror.

In 1992 InfoGames released the hit game “Alone In The Dark” the game is largely considered a forefather in the game genre. It featured a sole protagonist and hordes of monsters whilst also making use of its predecessors adventure game challenges such as puzzles and finding keys to progress. Another feature the game was known for was the cinematic camera angles giving players a view of their enemy and the option to ultimately block or evade them entirely although many monsters could not be killed the use of problem solving was a key factor. The game also introduced notes, books and journals thus paving the way for future survival horror games.

Capcom would be the first games company to describe their game “Resident Evil” as a survival horror game. Set during a zombie outbreak caused by the Umbrella Corporation, you played a character in third person in a 3D environment the game put to use all of the previous games strategies to be completed, However where other games had not been violent this game was the opposite players using guns and other weapons to kill the Hordes of zombies throughout the game and also any “special infected” who were also known as “boss Monsters”. The game boasted adult rated graphical cut scenes some of which were viewed as being gruesome and gory one of the first cut scenes showing a zombie chewing on a victim.

Fast forward to the present day and obviously games have been accelerated graphically and in size however its very clear that from these “classics” that we still take a lot of influence from these very early examples for example in the game “Left 4 Dead” a post zombie apocalyptic world has survivors fighting though hordes of undead to progress to the next level with some “special infected” to mix things up.

Like anyone I love a good horror game, unfortunately I always find myself being too scared to play past certain points.

So this Friday I will be playing some indie horror games and to add to my embarrassment of being afraid of these games I will be streaming my adventures across the internet for all to see and laugh at and possible taunt.

There will be three games I play one hour for each (or longer depending on how brave I am) and after I’ll post my reviews of each game and also of the whole experience.

So what are these games I’ll be pissing my pants to ? well I’ll be playing the terrifying “Slender : The Arrival”, “One Late Night”  and “Maere: When The Lights Die”.

You can watch the hilarity that will ultimately be myself screaming at almost every horrific moment over on Twitch from 8pm BST* hope to see you there!


*Expect games of a horrific and possibly violent nature there will be strong language and flashing lights.



Sammie Gorman

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